The Difference Between Red And White Stretch Marks

The Difference Between Red And White Stretch Marks : Our skin consists of three layers each performing a unique function. The innermost layer is known as the subcutaneous tissue; the middle layer is called the dermis and the outermost layer, what is visible to our eyes, is known as the epidermis. #pregnancy #pregnant #stretchmarks #skincare


Butt cellulite and stretch marks etc. are quite common but this can restrict you from wearing your favourite bikini and simply lower your confidence. Butt stretch marks can be a result of hormones, sudden weight gain and can also appear if you are in your teens/puberty because you are naturally growing fast which your skin …

Best coffee scrub for removing stretch marks. Super easy.

One of the most commonly hailed home remedies for reducing the appearance of stretch marks involves the use of ordinary coffee grounds. Learning how to get rid of stretch marks with coffee may help you improve the appearance of your stretch marks in only a few weeks. Read on to learn about coffee scrub for #stretchmarks from #HenrysHouseofCoffee blog. | Skin Care Tips | Coffee Tips #DIYRemedy #coffeetips #coffeescrub

How To Use Vicks VapoRub To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

How To Use Vicks VapoRub To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks? : Stretch marks look like bands of elongated scars or streaks on the surface of your skin, where it has been pulled too suddenly and quickly, thus disrupting the elasticity of the skin. #women #womenhealth #skin #skincare #stretchmarks #afterpregnancy

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Overnight stretch mark remedies

Shea butter, potato juice etc are the things which contains elements which have the potential to grow new healthy tissue so if you apply these things over your stretch marks you can grow new cells over the infected area and have a healthy and stretch mark free body.

STRETCH MARKS: Neosporin, Olive oil, Coconut oil || N. Notes: I wonder if this works? I’ll try it!

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks