Black cherry wood turned snowman - My Woodworking Shed

Three different Christmas trees. Make them small or large! Express your woodturning creativity and make your own unique Christmas ornaments.

Learn to turn a bowl from green wood using three simple bowl cuts, as seen in WOOD magazine issue 246 (May 2017).

Wood Succulent Planters | Carolina Grain Co.

These cute little succulent plants were made by Andrew Mccarn, owner of Carolina Grain Co. woodworking. They are small and compact for easy display. The inside is finished with an epoxy resin layer so that what watering is needed will not penetrate the wood. To see more work, click the image to visit the website.

Wand-erful Wooden Pens

Wood turn a fancy pen that is shaped like a wizarding wand. #Instructables #woodshop #workshop #woodworking #lathe #woodart #woodcraft #woodturning

Olive Wood Pestle and Mortar

Native to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, olive wood carries cultural significance throughout the world. Known for its rich hues, this hard wood is a favorite of wood carvers. Handcrafted in Tunisia, this Pestle and Mortar set is a fabulous blend of expert craftsmanship and natural beauty. Information Details: oliv

A Guide To Turning Metal On A Wood Lathe

If you have a wood lathe, you are probably accustomed to turning pens, spindles, and maybe even bowls. The common denominator is that most of the projects that you produce are probably made of wood. There’s no question that turning wood is one of the most fun things that you can do in a shop. Have you ever thought of turning metal on a wood lathe? Turning metal on a wood lathe is definitely possible, although it is something that isn’t recommend for people with no other experience on a lathe...