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Simple Skirt Out of an Old T-Shirt: For this project, all you’ll need is an old t-shirt, some one inch elastic, and matching thread. The bigger the shirt is, the fuller your skirt will be.

How To Make a No-Sew Round Braided Rug With T-Shirts! - Wonder Forest

“What in the world can I do with all of these old t-shirts?” — A thought I have had recently as I’ve been clearing out boxes and boxes of old clothes. I wanted to recycle them somehow because they weren’t all suitable for charity and I’m sentimental about clothing sometimes which makes it hard to...

11 Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes

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Repurpose, upcycle those old Tshirts! Great idea from Hammer and Thread for making kids clothing with the pattern

Winterize your home with some repurposed clothing this year by making a draft stopper or door draft guard from some flannel shirts using this upcycling idea from Sadie Seasongoods! Plus it doubles as rustic decor or cabin decor, which is such a cozy look for your winter decorating. Get all the repurposing details in her craft tutorial at . #rusticdecor #rusticcabindecor #cabindecor #draftstopper #sewing #upcycled #repurposed #flannelshirts